Causes of birth Trauma

What can cause birth trauma in infants?
1. Very short labor
2. Very long labor
3. Pain medications
4. The use of Pitocin to strengthen or induce uterine contractions
5. Restricted maternal birthing positions
6. Pulling or twisting on the head to deliver the infants body
7. The use of forceps or vacuum extraction
8. Cesarean delivery

If left uncorrected this trauma continues to impact the babies spinal growth and development. This will reduce the healthy function of her nervous system and can cause many health challenges later. Many of which could’ve easily been prevented. Many mothers bring their babies to our office because they have noticed nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, and an inability to be sooth and settled. Those are all signs of potential nerve stress in infants.  

Although all infants should be checked right after birth, here are three indicators to find a chiropractor who cares for infants. The first , his head tilts to one side even after you straighten it. Second, he seems to have difficulty turning his neck to one side. Lastly, he has difficulty settling down or sleeping soundly.  The child’s health begins in pregnancy and birth. Chiropractors who care for infants use very specific gentle adjustments.  I have taken advanced classes on specific techniques for infants and will be very happy to be a part of your health program.  

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