Why Vitality?

Many people think all chiropractors are the same. Because of this, the main questions people ask are with regard to cost and insurance coverage. Now while these are valid questions, do they really help you decide which Chiropractor is right for you?

Imagine being equipped with questions like this. What is the doctor's specialty? What types of people visit the office? What is the first visit like? Will he adjust on the first visit or does he wait for all the facts? What will his evaluation consist of? How does the care help heal the body?

To illustrate the importance of this, our office performed some phone research and called other chiropractors in the area to see how chiropractors care for their patients. Here are the results of our phone research:

  • Only one office performed an evaluation which used x-rays.

  • Only one performed computerized nerve testing and very rarely.

  • The remaining offices' "evaluations" were a consultation followed by immediate care.

  • When asked if other evaluation procedures were conducted one manager replied, "No, we just get them in and out."

  • Only two checked range of motion.

  • None perform reevaluations to confirm structural or functional change.

  • None provide structural correction that corrects curves like scoliosis or forward head syndrome. one didn't believe it was possible.

  • None give spine specific exercises to strengthen ligaments or discs.

  • None are referral based.

  • All pay insurances to send patients.

  • None provide wellness care.

Vitality is very unique because we are a referral only practice. We do not accept everyone. We only accept people who truly want to have their health corrected and are willing to take an active role in that correction. We specialize in the effects of postural problems and nerve pressure called subluxations. Our evaluation and reevaluations are extremely thorough. We use a variety of objective testing to determine if you are in the right place. If we determine that you are not, we have a large referral base to send you to someone who can help. If we determine that we can help those same original objective tests will be your baseline as you regain the health you have lost or continue your wellness journey.

Our care is an investment into your future and we get results. If you are ready to take the next steps on your Road To Vitality, call our office immediately and we will see you soon.

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