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This page is a compilation of the most recent Chiro Kids Research.  To view the complete article please click on the title.  Don't forget to link your favorite studies with your favorite social media sites.



Resolution of Chronic Otitis Media, Neck Pain, Headaches & Sinus Infection in a Child Following an Increase in Cervical Curvature & Reduction of Vertebral Subluxation

Objective: This paper describes the chiropractic care of an 8 year old female with a 3-year history of otitis media, cephalgia, cervicalgia, and sinus infections.

reversal_curve.JPGClinical Features: An 8-year old female presented with complaints of severe, debilitating otitis media with constant bilateral sub-occipital headaches and sinus pressure for the last 3 years. Previous treatment included 2 tympanectomy surgeries bilaterally, several rounds of antibiotics, and sinus surgery. Due to persistent headaches, neck pain, continued otitis media, and sinus infections the patient's parents sought chiropractic care for their child. X-ray of the cervical spine revealed severe segmental kyphosis from C2-C4.

Interventions and Outcomes: Chiropractic care over 29 visits included mEar_Muscles.JPGirror image adjustments, exercises, and traction to the cervical spine. The patient reported a decrease in headaches, sinus, and ear pain.  The patient also demonstrated a significant improvement in her cervical curve upon review of a follow-up radiograph.

Conclusion: The patient experienced subjective and objective improvement from Clinical Biomechanics of Posture (CBP) chiropractic care. Further research is recommended.

Key Words: Vertebral subluxation, tympanectomy, ear/sinus infection, surface electromyography, CBP technique, kyphosis, chiropractic

J. Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health - June 17, 2009

Chiropractic Care at Vitality of Highlands Ranch has provided hundreds of adjustments to children and even adults with ear infections.  Most of the time simple adjustments are all that is needed to restore normal ear function.  On some occasions Dr. Rob performs a special maneuver which drains the ear canal immediately preventing rupture of the ear drum.  In July of this year Dr. Rob provided training to a chiropractic doctor who flew in from San Diego to prevent surgery on his 2 year old.  

As in the diagnostics of the study at Vitality we perform sEMG and Infrared Thermography diagnostics which are vital in determining the ability of a child to have relief and correction with chiropractic.  Dr. Rob offers free verbal consultations to anyone not sure if they want to have their child evaluated.  Email Dr. Rob Here to consult with him via email or call him now on his personal line at 303-346-7095. 

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 Chiropractic Care of a Patient with Dystocia & Pelvic Subluxation

pregnancy.jpgObjective: To report on the successful collaboration of chiropractors and midwives, we describe the care of a woman in labor with problems associated with dystocia.

Clinical Feature: The patient is a 26-yr-old nulliparous female attended to during a home birth delivery with 3 midwives and her chiropractor. With lack of cervical dilation, descent and diminished uterine contractions along with decreased fetal heart tones at 23 hours of labor, all involved decided to initiate chiropractic care with the Webster Technique.

Interventions and Outcomes: The result of using Webster Technique was stronger and more frequent contractions with stabilized fetal heart tones. At 28 hours, the fetus was determined to be asynclitic. Synclitism describes the condition of parallelism between the plane of the pelvis and that of the fetal head. The midwives attempted various patient positioning and more homeopathic remedies, performing a surgical rupture of the patient's membranes with recommendation of further chiropractic care. At 34 hours of labor, the attending chiropractor performed the psoas release and ½ hour later, the patient was at complete cervical dilation. The labor progressed rapidly thereafter and a healthy baby girl was born.

Dr. Rob is trained in the Webster Technique and even had to successfully perform it on his wife with his youngest son.  It has also been shown that pregnant women who are under chiropractic care have easier labors than their non-chiropractic care counterparts.  To make an appointment for the Webster Technique or if you are pregnant and would like to inquire about chiropractic care please click here

Chiropractic Management of a Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & Vertebral Subluxation: A Case Studyadhd.jpg

Objective: To investigate the chiropractic care of a child with ADHD and review the related literature.

Clinical Features: A 3½ year old male child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and a history of birth trauma and ear infections presents with signs of vertebral subluxation.

Interventions and Outcomes: Vertebral subluxations were addressed using toggle recoil adjustments to reduce an Atlas subluxation. Dietary advice, supplements and proprioceptive exercises were given to the patient as part of the care plan. Patient's mother and teachers reported a decrease in hyperactivity and an increase in attention. Paraspinal thermal scans improved after one month of care.

Chiropractic Care at Vitality of Highlands Ranch has provided numerous children with ADHD relief naturally.  Our sEMG and Infrared Thermography diagnostics are vital in determining the ability of a child to have relief and correction with chiropractic.  Dr. Rob offers free verbal consultations to anyone not sure if they want to have their child evaluated.  Email Dr. Rob Here to consult with him via email or call him now on his personal line at 303-346-7095. 

Highlands Ranch Chiropractor, Dr. Rob Anderson, Doctor of Chiropractic, specializes in family health, sports performance, spine degeneration, disc injuries, disc herniation, children's health, ear infections, correction, traction, decompression, headaches, back, neck, and shoulder pain.  He has served as the Chair for the Douglas County Health Advisory Committee, as Director of Sport Sensory Performance for HitStreak Baseball Academy, as Team Doctor for Highlands Ranch High School and Valor Christian High School and been honored to be a guest speaker for many local groups and businesses.  He also owns and operates the Vitality Performance ZONE in Centennial which teaches elite athletes to dominate their sport with enhanced vision techniques, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, breathing enhancements, balance and coordination.   He serves practice members from Castle Rock, Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, Denver, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree.  He is seen by his colleagues and practice members as the Best of the Best in Chiropractic in Colorado. 

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