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untitled.JPGAre You Raising A Healthy, Drug-Free Family?

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Dear Friend,

Our families have a problem!  Our children are growing up with nowhere else to turn.  The statistics are staggering.  Every year more than 5000 teenagers commit suicide and another 500,000 attempt to do so.  Thousands of kids are killed and injured each year in automobile accidents and horrible acts of violence that are linked to drugs.  Millions of kids are turning to drugs and alcohol to try to find their place in the world.  What can we do, as parents, to make sure that our children grow up saying "NO" to drugs and alcohol?

Have you set up a value system based on love and understanding, a value system free from drugs?  Are you raising a healthy, drug-free family?  

Many times, while your intention is to raise a drug- free family, you are creating a drug dependent one without even realizing it.  You may be actually programming drug dependency into your family's behavior!

What do I mean by this?  How could this be?  

Think about what happens when your baby is born and he/she gets sick for the first time.  You probably have not been taught about your child's natural immunity and how it develops, you might immediately run to your doctor in a panic to alleviate your child's apparent suffering, at any price, and give your child a drug.

As they grow up to become toddlers they may get another cold or infection and so they won't "suffer", you give them a drug. Think about it…How many bottles of cough medicine, sleep medicine, flu medicine, ear medicine, nose medicine, pain medicine and fever medicine do you have in your home?  They are all drugs! 

Drug companies market their products (drugs) to physicians and parents with little emphasis placed on these side effects.  Ritalin, for example, includes side effects such as insomnia, appetite loss, stunted growth and suicide.  Antibiotics cause digestive disturbances and create highly resistant bacteria that cause super infections, which strain your immune system and are untreatable.  Aspirin causes abdominal bleeding while Tylenol and Ibuprofen increase the risk of kidney disease.

Even worse than the side effects of these drugs is the message it sends.  From the time they are born, your children get the message that when they feel bad they should take drugs to help them feel better.  As subtle as it may seem, this behavior is conditioned.  They see it every time you say, "I have a headache" and choose to take a pill.  It is any wonder that when a child doesn't make the cheerleading squad or gets dumped by their boyfriend or girlfriend, they turn to DRUGS to relieve their pain?

You can stop the insanity that this quick fix, relief orientation causes.  Millions of people already have.   

People today want wellness.  They know that the human body has an incredible inborn healing power that heals them from infections and diseases the same way it heals them from a cut.  At the same time they have little faith in drugs.  They are demanding information on how to build their body's immune system for long term health rather than performing constant crisis care.

Chiropractic has led the way for these people by providing incredible results, information, scientific validation and research material on how to restore the body to optimum health and keep it that way.

Thousands of families receive Chiropractic Wellness Care and have practically eliminated medical expenses because they are healthier now than ever before.  These are not just people who had back pain.  These are also people who were suffering from migraines, headaches, chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, whiplash, ear infections, asthma, allergies, sports injuries, numbness, frequent colds and even bed wetting.  While chiropractic doesn't treat these conditions, it allows the body to return to normal function so that it has the best opportunity to heal itself.  

Here's what some of my "Practice Members" had to say:
"I was experiencing upper back pain and wanted relief.  I noticed immediate improvement in my health and attitude.  Chiropractic care has increased my stamina, recovery and overall bodybuilding program."  Kimberly Silva, Westminster, age 34, Executive Assistant
Many of these people are perfectly healthy and are just looking to get to the next level of health and vitality. People are seeking out chiropractic care for superior performance also.  Olympic and professional athletes receive Chiropractic Wellness Care to help them get the most out of their training and enhance their performance. 
"I was at a point where I considered stopping triathlons.  With the assistance of Dr. Rob I have renewed my desire to race!" Pete Alfino, Highlands Ranch,  Iron Man

Children who used to get sick all the time and be on constant medication are now getting Chiropractic Wellness Care with their families and they are truly healthy and drug free.  Think about the difference in the message you kids are receiving with these two different approaches.  The old system says, "I'm sorry you feel bad.  Your body is weak and you need these drugs to be well."  Wellness, on the other hand says, "Your body is strong and has the ability to heal itself.  Let's remove the interference so you can get well on your own.  You can trust your body."

Children that grow up in wellness grow up believing in themselves and their independence from drugs.  Families that receive Chiropractic Wellness Care are sharing healthy times and perpetuating healthy values.  Kids run into Chiropractic offices and can't wait to get on the table for their adjustments.  They are much healthier for it.

Are you ready to make the commitment?  Let me help you raise a healthy, drug-free family with Chiropractic Wellness Care.  Let's face it, your family's health is priceless but everyone wants the best service at the lowest fee.  My office was voted Best Chiropractor in Highlands Ranch.  I am the only Chiropractor who is honored to have the Newcomer's Seal of Approval.  I am the Chiropractor for the local high schools and provide donated care at Valor Christian High.  I served as chair of the Health Advisory Committee of Douglas County Schools.  My qualifications…I graduated Cum Laude from Western States Chiropractic College following my undergraduate education at the University of Colorado.  I have been entrusted to take care of everyone from tiny babies to professional athletes.  We perform the most state of the art computerized examinations in Highlands Ranch, which virtually guarantees our success with you.  So, I assure you the best service at my office.  As for the lowest fee, with this letter you will receive a complete examination at a cash rate of $57.  The computer portion of the exam is $93-$165 at other offices. Each additional family member accompanying the first may receive this amazing offer for $17.  You will be happy to know that I have family wellness plans for valuable yet affordable wellness adjustments.

So as you can see Chiropractic Wellness Care is the only option we have to raise a Healthy, Drug-Free Family and my office provides the best service at a very affordable fee.  Why would you want to entrust your family's health to anyone else?

Make the commitment to your family and come experience chiropractic.

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Antibiotics Not Always Necessary In Ear Infections
Waiting a few days to see whether symptoms of an ear infection improve before beginning a course of antibiotics appears to be a practical way to reduce the use of antibiotics. This may help prevent the overuse of the drugs, and thus prevent bacteria from becoming resistant.
And even though physicians often complain that parents pressure them to prescribe antibiotics, most parents in the study were satisfied with a "wait-and-see" approach for treating the common ear infection otitis media.
A wait-and-see approach in the management of acute otitis media is feasible and was acceptable to most parents, and resulted in a 76% reduction in the use of antibiotic prescriptions.
Each year millions of children are prescribed antibiotics to treat the middle ear infection, but the evidence that the drugs speed a child's recovery is mixed. Plus, antibiotics can cause side effects such as diarrhea, and widespread prescription of the drugs is thought to be increasing the risk that bacteria will become resistant to antibiotics.
The study showed there was no significant difference in the reduction of pain or distress in children given antibiotics versus those who were not.
Parents of children who were treated immediately were more likely to believe in the effectiveness of antibiotics for otitis media, even though the infection can clear up on its own. This may encourage repeat visits for future ear infections, leading to even more antibiotic prescriptions, according to the authors.
While it is difficult to fault parents who want to seek treatment for a child in pain, parents can help a child without resorting to antibiotics, the authors note.
British Medical Journal February 10, 2001; 322: 336-342

Highlands Ranch Chiropractor, Dr. Rob Anderson, Doctor of Chiropractic, specializes in family health, sports performance, spine degeneration, disc injuries, disc herniation, children's health, ear infections, correction, traction, decompression, headaches, back, neck, and shoulder pain.  He has served as the Chair for the Douglas County Health Advisory Committee, as Director of Sport Sensory Performance for HitStreak Baseball Academy, as Team Doctor for Highlands Ranch High School and Valor Christian High School and been honored to be a guest speaker for many local groups and businesses.  He also owns and operates the Vitality Performance ZONE in Centennial which teaches elite athletes to dominate their sport with enhanced vision techniques, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, breathing enhancements, balance and coordination.   He serves practice members from Castle Rock, Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, Denver, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree.  He is seen by his colleagues and practice members as the Best of the Best in Chiropractic in Colorado. 

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